Apple Music Redesign Concept

Hello, my name is Lucas

I design pixel perfect, functional and beautiful User Interfaces.

But it’s not only about the looks. It’s also about interaction and feeling.

My process is based on three key phases.


Understand human feeling and experience, analyse the market and study the current landscape to start building the perfect product to the core user.


Sketch the main experience for the product, prototype from the flow to the wireframes and tie up all the loose ends of the idea.


The eye for the beauty, creation of mouth watering interfaces, sweet and soft animations and a bit of magic.

What I do

UX Design

Create great experiences between the user and the interface.

Mobile Apps

You use it everyday, I design it every day.

Other Internet Stuff

Designs for social media (posts, covers etc), email marketing, newsletter, and practically anything.

Interface Design

Beauty + Functionality + Convenient animations = Happiness.

Web Design

Classic responsive desktop websites, landing pages, hot sites etc.

Good Design Is Thorough Down to the Last Detail

Nothing must be arbitrary or left to chance. Care and accuracy in the design process show respect towards the consumer.

Dieter Rams